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Green energy costs us all

Rick Fusch — Windsor Star — October 23, 2012

Re: Trade ruling could hurt green jobs, guest column, by Angelo DiCaro and Stuart Trew, Oct. 15.

Having learned nothing from the lessons meted out to the world’s gullible, DiCaro and Trew despair about the diminishing make-believe efforts on global warming, and the teetering green-energy house of cards.

If you calculate the average, all-in cost of one kilowatt hour of electricity (17.5 cents) in Ontario, and multiply it by the average yearly usage of all Ontario households, the resultant $10.5 billion is roughly what our families spend yearly. Since this figure has admittedly increased 50 per cent through the actions of Ontario’s government and will grow by another 50 per cent (also admitted), it will cost us $9 billion a year higher, by 2015, than before McGuinty.

DiCaro and Trew employ an often used but seldom substantiated figure when they claim that 20,000 green jobs have been created. Never mind that McGuinty promised 50,000, many billions of dollars ago, but even if the 20 figure is correct, they will have cost us almost $450,000 yearly, per job. In turn, such “action on the green economy,” produces power that we must then donate to the northern U.S. for lack of Ontario demand.

These two gentlemen admit that Ontario’s is a “job market that has been devastated” but completely miss the damage done by diverting this increasing river of wealth from the pockets of Ontario ratepayers to an industry that cannot survive without an umbilical cord to our wallets.

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