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MPP Lisa Thompson had four motions aimed at stopping new industrial wind turbine developments

Denis Langlois — Owen S0und Sun Times — October 25, 2012

Four motions aimed at stopping new industrial wind turbine developments until further studies are completed were wiped out last week when Premier Dalton McGuinty moved to prorogue the Ontario Legislature.

Huron-Bruce Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa Thompson added to the order paper separate calls for a moratorium pending the results of four studies — an already approved assessment by Health Canada on the health impacts of turbines, along with investigations on the economic impacts of the Green Energy Act and approved renewable projects, the environmental impacts of wind projects and the social impacts of turbine developments.

“Those are all gone, so we have to work really really hard to find a workaround in terms of keeping this as a priority and trying to keep a ministry accountable for their actions,” Thompson said Thursday in an interview.

Thompson, the PC party’s deputy energy critic with a focus on the Green Energy Act, had tried before to stop wind turbine developments, introducing her first private member’s bill as MPP in March that called for a moratorium on projects until health, environmental and other impacts are properly studied. Liberal and NDP MPPs voted together to defeat the bill.

Thompson had hoped to bring her four motions forward separately, to keep the heat on the Liberals and the concerns over turbine developments in the forefront.

The motions were killed — nine government bills and 94 private member’s bills in all — were erased Oct. 15 when McGuinty announced his planned resignation as premier and the prorogation of the Ontario Legislature.

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