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You have to laugh at CANwea’s hypocrisy about the Canada Health Study on wind turbines

CANwea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) and Awea (American Wind Energy Association) love to reference the Massachusetts health study  that was done earlier this year, to back up it’s claims that industrial wind turbines cause no ill health effects to nearby residents, even though it was a shoddy report at best, negligent at worst.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but both CANwea and Awea have been very vocal lately, spreading the word about the Massachusetts report, citing it over and over again.  It’s almost like watching a cornered mouse.  They’re not sure when the “SNAP” is going to come down on their necks, so they’re nervously racing around trying to do damage control before the Health Canada study is even released.  I’ve counted no less than 6 articles in the past week by these two organizations, referencing the Massachusetts study.

But apparently they have some grave concerns about how Health Canada is going to conduct ITS study.

To read CANwea’s submission to Health Canada outlining all of its concerns, click here.

Meanwhile, let’s compare the two studies (even though Health Canada has not completed their report yet) to see if we can figure out what has CANwea and Awea so upset.

Massachusetts:  7 panel members — professor of neurology, professor of mechanical engineering, associate professor of environmental health, director of the Wind Energy Centre, State health officer, research assistant professor and an associate professor of environmental health and epidemiology

Canada:  external experts, specializing in areas including noise, health assessment, clinical medicine and epidemiology (notice the lack of anyone connected in any way to wind energy)

Massachusetts:  the committee met a total of 3 times

Canada:  not yet available

Massachusetts: reference material — ‘popular media’, public comments, previously published reports

Canada:  Will include the study of 2,000 dwellings selected from 8-12 wind turbine installation facilities in Canada.

Massachusetts:  no face-to-face interviews done with people who have registered health complaints

Canada:  investigators will conduct face-to-face interviews

Massachusetts: no epidemiological studies done

Canada: epidemiological studies will be done

Massachusetts: no health or medical examinations done

Canada: In addition to taking physical measurements from participants, such as blood pressure, medical examinations will be done

Massachusetts: no field tests

Canada: field tests will be conducted

Massachusetts: no audio or noise tests done anywhere

Canada:  noise measurements inside and outside of some homes will be done to validate sound modelling.

Massachusetts:  no contact with anyone living near a wind turbine

Canada: contact with a minimum of 2,000 individuals living near wind turbines

Massachusetts: no new medical expert evidence allowed

Canada: up-to-date medical expert testimony and data requested and allowed

Massachusetts: Total time taken for report — a couple of weeks

Canada:  Total time taken for report — 2 years

WELL!  We can certainly understand why CANwea has such grave concerns about the Health Canada study, can’t we now?

Unmitigated hypocrites of the worst order.  As we all know, it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$.


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