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Another Must Read — Pointman: Examples will have to be made: Germany

Pointman — October 26, 2012

I wrote an analysis piece some time back, which put forward the idea that we climate realists had a secret weapon, and that weapon was time. Time would inevitably bring down the environmental movement, because it would demonstrate the fundamental unworkability of its policies in the real world for all to see.

In business studies, there’s a concept called first mover advantage, which says that the first enterprise to identify and move into a brand new business sector, will do well out of it, or hopefully become the dominant player in years to come. In a similar sense, most developed countries around the world moved into greening their economies, but some were the first movers, so they’d be the first to reap the hoped for advantages. Or not.

The downside of the whole first mover concept, is that if the new business sector turns out to be just a fashionable bubble, your business is now in serious trouble. Depending on how early you jumped in and how committed to it you became, the shareholders clear out the boardroom and then call in a decent turnaround specialist or the bankruptcy administrators. The only upside of such a disaster, is that other enterprises considering the same move, back off it. The lesson has been learnt from a rather graphic real world example.

This article is the first in an occasional series pointing out the effect of our secret weapon upon those places around the world, who insisted on buying in early or hard to the dream of that new green Jerusalem, just on the near horizon. Beyond that dubious qualification, the other commonality they will share is the very real harm they’ll have inflicted on their own people, especially the most vulnerable.

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    […] Another Must Read — Pointman: Examples will have to be made: Germany […]

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