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Ohio — Wind turbine opponents pack hearing

Mark McGregor — Springfield News — October 26, 2012

About 80 percent who signed petitions were against Champaign County wind farm.

WAYNE TWP., Champaign County —

Nearly 80 percent of the approximately 140 Champaign County residents who signed petitions about the Buckeye II Wind Project on Thursday night were opposed to the project.

The petitions, provided at a 4½-hour public hearing hosted by the Ohio Power Siting Board Thursday night in Wayne Twp., resulted in 110 signatures in opposition and 28 signatures in favor of the project, according to Steve Irwin of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

About 40 people gave sworn testimony before approximately 200 people who turned out for the hearing. Their testimony will be considered in the siting board’s review of the proposed project next month.

Supporters said the estimated 600 construction jobs, 38 permanent jobs and the $840,000 to $1.26 million in local annual tax revenues the project would create greatly outweigh the costs that opponents brought forth — public safety concerns, the vicinity to their homes and resulting loss of property values and environmental impacts.

Joy Moore, speaking for herself and her husband, John, said: “Big wind simply makes benign statements such as industrial wind farms bring green jobs, lower CO2 emissions, makes U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, money for your schools or will help invigorate your local economy. And all the while, they continue to refuse to acknowledge and/or outright dismiss any claims being made by hundreds of people who are living the nightmare of the true realities of having to live among industrial wind farms.”

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