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CANwea continues to be on the offensive — running scared perhaps??

From Wind Concerns Ontario — October 29, 2012

CanWEA or the Canadian Wind Energy Association,the lobby group representing the wind power development industry in Canada, has sent a letter by email to municipal councilors in Ontario today, repeating its stance that industrial wind power generation projects have no effect on property values for neighbouring properties.

We have received copies of this letter from a number of municipal officials who are very concerned about it: the situation of no property value loss as described by CanWEA is not the reality for their communities. The municipal officials are also expressing concern that CanWEA appears to be speaking for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation or MPAC, which is supposed to be an independent, publicly owned body that reports to the Minister of Finance.

How can CanWEA “assure” municipalities that MPAC will not be using wind power projects in the assessment projects?

To buttress its claims that property values are not affected by the power plants, CanWEA cites a study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, in which 7,500 properties were studied, and which concluded there was no adverse effect on property values. In fact, that study is deeply flawed, has been widely criticized, and does not employ valuation techniques used by professional real estate appraisers.


Earlier this year, a study done by Sunak and Madlener of the School of Business and Economics at Aachen University in Germany (where, yes, there are also concerns about siting of wind power projects) criticized the methodology of that report, saying it was “inappropriate.”   Their own findings were that values for properties within 2 km of a wind power project declined by 25.2%.

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