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Scotland — Alex Salmond accused as Scottish mountains are ‘industrialised’ by wind farms

Auslan Cramb — The Telegraph (UK) — October 30, 2012

Alex Salmond has been accused of a “failure of leadership” amid claims he has “done nothing” to protect Scotland’s landscapes from becoming industrialised.

Alex Salmond will deliver a keynote address at a renewable energy conference today amid claims that he has “done nothing” to protect Scotland’s mountain landscapes from wind farms.

The Mountaineering Council of Scotland accused ministers of a “failure of leadership” for allowing the “industrialisation” of some of the country’s most important natural assets.

The charity said VisitScotland now recognised that badly sited wind farms would drive visitors away, and Scottish Natural Heritage was concerned about the cumulative impact on mountain scenery. It has written to companies attending the RenewableUK exhibition and conference in Glasgow, calling on them to work out how to “harmonise clean energy production with the preservation of Scotland’s natural heritage”.

David Gibson, the mountaineering council’s chief officer, said: “Some wind farm proposals are incredibly inappropriate and are leading to the industrialisation of our most beautiful, wild and open mountain landscapes.

“Right now, as companies gather for RenewableUK 2012, a public inquiry is taking place into the truly dreadful Allt Duine scheme to build 31 immense turbines in the heart of the Monadhliadth Mountains.”

The group called on the First Minister to make a stand for Scotland’s natural heritage in his speech at the annual event organised by the country’s largest renewable energy trade association. Mr Salmond claimed recently there was no evidence that wind turbines damaged scenery.

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One Comment on “Scotland — Alex Salmond accused as Scottish mountains are ‘industrialised’ by wind farms”

  1. Reality check November 4, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    I believe this is the reason the term “Wind Farm” was used. Turbines do grow from the ground so they are not a crop. However, if you give them a benign, earth-friendly name, you can slip them past many people. It sounds user-friendly, even to the people who would be outraged by a Walmart distribution center going in to an area where turbines are put because that’s not rural. Smoke and mirrors.

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