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The feudal system is alive and well in Ontario. (*warning* Explicit language — well, just one word)

From today’s Globe and Mail, there is an article discussing the “shared vision” for the land formerly used by the Lakeview Generating Station.  The G&M interviewed Mississauga’s director of city strategy and innovations, Gary Kent, to discuss the plans for the city’s waterfront….


…”the site of the former Lakeview Generating Station, where plans for redevelopment are charging forward. It’s in many ways the waterfront of Torontonians’ dreams: Existing parkland will be beautified and made more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists; a proposed mix of residential and commercial development includes galleries, theatres and markets.”

And, according to Kent:

We went to the public in 2009 and we engaged over 100,000 [people] in terms of our strategic plan [for Lakeview]. One of the things that came out of that was the desire to create a model, sustainable, creative community on the waterfront.”

“… we signed the memorandum of understanding with [Ontario Power Generation] and the province of Ontario to develop a shared vision by June, 2014. We’re in that process.”

“In 2009, council really threw their arms open and said, ‘Please tell us.’   We had an “Inspiration” introduction where we said, “Let’s talk about possibilities.”

 “Two councillors down here – Councillor [Patricia] Mullin and Councillor [Jim] Tovey – they’ve really been the champions of this and that’s really helpful because it brings the community in to us bureaucrats. And then we can do the job and it really becomes a shared vision.”

(To read full story, click here)


Editor’s note:  How LOVELY for Mississauga.  They have the kind of democracy that is every rural resident’s dream….the right to have a voice about what happens in your community.  The citizens of that city had so much influence, they even got to have a say in getting a gas plant cancelled.  In Mississauga, the term “nimby” is worn like a badge of honour.  

They’re encouraged to voice their opinions….to have a say as to what is done in their community and how the land is developed.  Their city council embraces the input and they’re all working together to create the idyllic Shangri-La that they so richly deserve!

Meanwhile, rural residents are still struggling to have their voices heard as to what happens in their neighbourhoods and communities, but as we all know, our democratic rights were stripped from us in 2009, when McGuinty and company gave us the Green middle finger and said they didn’t give a fuck what we thought  or wanted.

Articles like this really drive home the message that to ensure you still have your rights as a Canadian citizen, you must be a card-carrying, flag-waving voter for the Ontario Liberal party.  Otherwise, you’re lower than a serf.

Dalton McGuinty’s feudal system in Ontario (from top to bottom, in order of importance)

King (Liberal premier)

Nobles (Liberal cabinet ministers)

Lords  (Liberal MPPs)

                       Vassals  (residents of the GTA, Ottawa, or any other large urban centre                                    which could hold the majority vote that the King craves)

Farmers  (Landowners who hold wind turbine leases)

Peasants  (People who live in small town Ontario)

Serfs (People who live around but close to small towns)

Pond Scum (Anyone who doesn’t vote Liberal)

Water bacteria


Muck dwellers (Rural and Northern Ontario Residents)

Donna Quixote

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