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Even more problems for Germany — Coping with energy transition

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals WNN (World Nuclear News) — November 14, 2012 EOn continues to struggle under German energy policy, with gas generation made “barely profitable” by pro-renewable market arrangements and nuclear generation slashed and taxed by government decree. The utility has summarised its performance from January to the end of September, explaining […]

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Chatham-Kent — Conservatives Talk Wind turbines

Dave Richie — Blackburn News — November 15, 2012 Provincial and federal Conservative representatives in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex are continuing to fight back against wind projects. MPP Monte McNaughton is still calling for a hold on the construction of turbines, saying there’s more than just possible adverse health effects associated with the projects. “It is now being […]

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Global Warming and Climate Change are back on the topic menu. And of course, governments are looking at it as an excuse for a Carbon Tax.

Benjamin Gaul — The Guardian — November 18, 2012 Why are we still even having this conversation? Oh yeah; billions of dollars in grants and taxes, taken from an unsuspecting public and given tax-free to the Wizards of Smart who keep the lie going, annually. Silly question. Let me rephrase that. How can governments around […]

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Head of the German Energy Agency calls their Renewable Energy Act “Pure Insanity”

Der Spiegel — November 15, 2012 Stephan Kohler, the head of the German Energy Agency, says the country must act smarter and more realistically in its transition to renewable energy. The “feel-good” subisides for locally produced wind and solar power have had unintended consequences, he says, and the envirnomental movement is often part of the […]

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