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ON –Wind turbine application made official, West Lincoln gets 90-day review and comment period

Amanda Moore — Niagara This Week — November 16, 2012

The township of West Lincoln have a minimum of 90 days to review and comment on the 230 megawatt industrial wind turbine project proposed by Niagara Region Wind Corp.

Planning director Brian Treble informed council Monday that he had received the renewable energy application submitted to the province by NRWC for review on Nov. 5. Delivery of the document means the township has a minimum of 90 days to review it and make comments.

“This is what starts the 90-day consultation period prior to the second open house,” said Treble, noting he has not heard a specific date for the second public consultation meeting, mandated under the Green Energy Act. The submission, said Treble, is eight, packed binders and could take more than the mandated 90 days for the independent consultant sought by the township to review the submission.

Planning chair Sue Ellen Merritt shared that fear.

“Eight binders, 90 days, that’s not enough time,” said Merritt, who was concerned the consultant may miss something while rushing to meet the deadline.

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