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The Exhibition Place Turbine in Toronto — The one the GTA loves to brag about — is merely a green energy icon!

Tip of the hat to Wind Concerns Ontario Scott Luft — — November 15, 2012 The Exhibition Turbine: An Icon for Ontario’s Mazza Race The Toronto Exhibition grounds are the appropriate site of a wind turbine that is frequently described as iconic.What does this icon represent?A review of the performance of Toronto’s wind turbine […]

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“Proximity to neighbour’s wind installations means we can never build a home on our property”

Hans Janzen — Toronto Sun — November 17, 2012 How does one man’s dream of becoming known as the “Green Premier” become a nightmare for much of rural Ontario? It’s called the Green Energy Act. It takes away the rights of individual landowners and municipalities to protect themselves from the placement of industrial wind turbines […]

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