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How Wind And Solar Power Are Polluting The Commons

(Thanks to our reader, Scott, for this article) John Petersen — Seeking Alpha — October 2012 In a watershed 1968 essay, ecologist Garrett Hardin defined “The Tragedy of the Commons” as the depletion of a shared resource by individuals, acting independently and rationally according to their own self-interest, despite the knowledge that depleting the shared […]

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Wind power creates market havoc, is unreliable and costly

Thanks to Central Bruce Wind Action for this gem. Jonathan Lesser, President of Continental Economics — The Columbus Dispatch — November 22, 2012 The United States has subsidized the wind industry for 35 years. For the past 20 years, most of these subsidies have taken the form of a production tax credit, which provides wind-generation […]

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UK — Top Tory who earns thousands from green energy firms says it is ‘reasonable’ for bills to rise by £2-a-week to pay for wind farms

Tamara Cohen and Matt Chorley — Daily — November 23, 2012 A senior Tory MP who earns thousands of pounds advising green energy firms today insisted it was ‘reasonable’ for electricity bills to rise by £100-a-year to help pay for more wind farms. Tim Yeo, chairman of the Commons energy and climate change committee, […]

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Wind refugees in Ontario

Kincardine — November 2012

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Interesting Energy article by an International Business Executive (More common sense)

M Marwood — September 2012 Get Smart about your Energy Future I’m going to try to have an honest conversation about our energy future, climate change and what it means for you as a member of the generation that will have to live with the consequences of today’s energy policy choices. My goal is to […]

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Strong, mixed opinions in Chatham turbine trip

Don Fraser — QMI Agency — November 22, 2012 WEST LINCOLN – For West Lincoln Mayor Doug Joyner, it was a wind-power trip walkabout that drove home the issue’s divisiveness. On Wednesday, Joyner, plus four West Lincoln aldermen and senior staff stopped by Blenheim in Chatham-Kint. This, during a tour organized by Niagara Region Wind Corp. to […]

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Writer links health care cuts to wind turbine funding

Bill Lawrence — The Manitoulin Expositor — November 21, 2012 I have read stories in your paper about wind turbines and hospital cutbacks. I wonder if your readers are aware there is an interesting financial connection between these two stories? In the name of reducing the deficit, the Ontario government has seen fit to slash […]

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