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Carmen Krogh speaks to Cape Breton residents about wind turbines

Erin Pottie — Cape Breton Post — November 29, 2012

LITTLE BRAS D’OR — The photograph of a tent in the backyard of a home drew gasps of concern during a meeting to discuss adverse health affects related to wind turbines.

Carmen Krogh, an Ontario-based retired pharmacist with more than 40 years of experience in the health field, spoke to a group of about 200 people gathered at the Bras d’Or Parish Hall.

The Hillside Boularderie and Area Concerned Citizens Group arranged to have Krogh give a presentation as wind developer Natural Forces Inc. is seeking environment approval to construct three wind turbines in the area.

Krogh said one Canadian community that has experienced problems in health related to large scale turbines is  the Township of Melancthon in Ontario.

“It had a lot of turbines,” said Krogh. “But they’re interspersed among family homes and that’s like putting an industrial facility among all the different residents. And Melancton has had a lot of issues.”

Krogh said low-frequency noise associated with the turbines is considered an annoyance or irritant to humans, and if a person is exposed to chronic and long-term exposure it can cause psychological and physiological damage.

She said it’s her belief that industrial turbines should be located a minimum of two kilometres from nearby residences.

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