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The ex-hippy who’s made £100m carpeting Britain with wind turbines

(Editor’s Note:  Just imagine, this is ONE guy.  Only a fool thinks that all of these wind companies, politicians and landowners are being magnanimous and altruistic, caring only for the planet.  It’s all about the $$$$$$$ and always will be.  Great comment at the end of this article by one reader “He’s not farming the wind, he’s farming the SUBSIDY.”  — DQ)

David Jones — DailyMail — December 10, 2012

The large rectangular window in Doreen White’s living-room frames such a timeless East Anglian scene that she sometimes feels she’s gazing out at a landscape painting by Constable.

As winter descends, its beauty is stark and sparing. Washed by a watery sunlight, the flat, brown fields stretch out for miles to a tree-lined horizon broken only by the world’s tallest parish church tower, the  500-year-old Boston Stump, which soars 272ft into an otherwise empty sky.

Down the decades, fresh dykes have been dug and a solitary telegraph pole erected, but the view across Heckington Fen in Lincolnshire has otherwise changed little, and its serenity drew Mrs White and her two sisters to buy a retirement bungalow there when they left their jobs in London.

To their anger and sadness, however, it seems that their treasured ‘Constable painting’ will soon be desecrated — ironically not by some big, environment-wrecking conglomerate but by a renewable energy company whose boss (a former New Age traveller) trades on his hippie credentials.

For three years, Ecotricity — founded and solely owned by Dale Vince, 51, a long-haired, earringed hero of the Green movement — has fought for the right to transform the fen into one of Britain’s biggest on-shore wind-farms.

There would be 22 giant turbines, each rising 410ft to the tip of its swishing blades and dwarfing the famous Stump.

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