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“Climate Change” is now an entity with feelings and vendettas

(Editor’s Note:  One of the funniest headlines I’ve read in a long LONG time.

“Climate change causing drought in states that don’t believe in climate change”

There  you have it.  Climate change has now morphed into a living, thinking being.  Absolutely unbelievable.  No, it’s not a belief.  It is the new religion and “Climate Change” is the new god.– Donna Quixote)

Chris in Paris — America Blog — December 11, 2012

Climate-change-induced drought is wreaking serious havoc across portions of America that don’t believe in climate change.  But they sure do believe in the federal government spending billions of dollars to bail them out of climate change’s ill-effects.

One out of Three US Counties is a Drought Disaster Area

First, from Salon:

Dust bowl, here we come? The worst drought in the United States in 50 years is still looking for more records to break. On Wednesday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack declared another 39 counties in eight states disaster areas, bringing the current total to 1,297 counties in 29 states — or one out of every three counties in the country. According to the Drought Monitor, 61 percent of the continental United States is currently experiencing“moderate to exceptional drought.” The situation is most extreme in Iowa and Illinois — two states responsible for a third of the U.S. corn production.

The Mississippi is Drying Up

Next, there’s the disaster that’s become the Mississippi River, which we’ve written about before:

Mississippi River barge traffic is slowing as the worst drought in five decades combines with a seasonal dry period to push water levels to a near-record low, prompting shippers including Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM) to seek alternatives. Computer models suggest that without more rain, navigating the Mississippi will start to be affected Dec. 11 and the river will reach a record low Dec. 22, Corps spokesman Bob Anderson, based in Vicksburg, Mississippi, said.

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One Comment on ““Climate Change” is now an entity with feelings and vendettas”

  1. Reality check December 12, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    One flaw–Iowans most definitely believe in climate change. They have over 3000 wind turbines and grow corn for ethanol. A poll in January said 68% agree wholeheartedly. So it appears climate change is pretty stupid to attack Iowans. Or the writer needs to work on translating the behaviour of pseudo-science theories, one or the other. Before he gets flooded. (I see climate change has been reduced to the last 50 years now–I guess the fact the dust bowl occurred with lower CO2 and it was hotter in the 1930’s is an inconvenient truth.)

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