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Germany Faces Multibillion-Euro Grid bill

World Nuclea News — December 12, 2012

The massive expansion of Germany’s electricity networks to cope with the country’s transition away from nuclear to a high share of renewable energy will require investments of up to €42.5 billion ($55.4 billion) by 2030, according to a newly released study.

Germany embarked on a path to low-carbon generation with high reliance on renewable energy following political decisions to phase out nuclear power, on which it had hitherto relied for around a quarter of its electricity, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan. However, the country’s existing grid is not up to the task of accepting a large share of electricity from solar and wind plants. According to the report by the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, or Dena), the country can expect to invest at least €27.5 billion ($35.8 billion) and up to as much as €42.5 billion ($55.4 billion) in the massive expansion and rebuilding program that its electricity distribution network will need.

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