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Wind company employees deliberately misrepresenting themselves to unsuspecting landowners.

From Central Bruce Wind Action

Letter to the Editor — Kincardine News

Dear Editor,
My family lives on Bruce Rd. #15, 2km west of the  village of Glammis.  We own a small acreage and are located within the proposed Armow wind project. The gross lack  of communication between the Samsung -Pattern group and the non-participating  landowners within the proposed project to date is unbelievable, as there has  been no communication other than reading in the local media that there will be 2  wind turbines located directly behind my home.  The following incident I  believe, gives us indication of what type of people and organizations that we  are allowing into our community, and our province to do business  here.
It was the afternoon of November 15th when I heard my  dog barking in an unusual manner, so I checked on the situation and found a man  on my laneway in front of our house with a tripod in hand.  I approached  this individual and asked him if I could help him with anything as he was on my  property.  The man told me “that he was surveying telephone boxes for  Bell”.  Ok, I responded and as I was walking back to the house, I   thought, that guy just lied to me as I know the equipment is owned by BMTS  telephone.  I immediately phoned BMTS and spoke with with one of the  service representatives and inquired if there was anyone performing any  surveying for them today.  They responded “no” and confirmed that the  equipment was not Bell’s but was theirs.  I informed them of what the  so called surveyor had told me. They asked me to get as much information on  the people as I could and call them back. By the time I jumped into my car, they  had moved down the road to my neighbors and were sitting in their truck.  I  approached the vehicle, recorded his license plate, and when I looked in  the window, behold, a wind turbine location map is on the gentleman’s  lap!
I asked, “Lets try again, who are you working for? The  wind turbine company?  He responded “yes, we are a contractor for  them”.  I asked him for a business card, he obliged and I went back to my  vehicle . At this point I returned my call to BMTS and informed them of the  misrepresentation that these guys were portraying, and I asked the representative if they were going to call the police,  or should I? They indicated that we should each call them.
I called the OPP who responded very quickly with two  patrol cars and questioned these “surveyors”.  I received a call from an  OPP constable shortly after, and unfortunately, the police were given the same  story I was – that they were working for Bell.
Nothing was done.
The company card that these individuals produced  was for  the MMM Group. A full  service construction project management company from  Mississauga.
The shady tactics that these people are  using to get their job done must give us some indication of the people behind  this project. Misrepresentation of an individual and trespassing on private  property didn’t seem to phase these guys in order to complete  their work for the day.  I caution our elected representatives  when dealing with these people.  If this project is supposed to be so  wonderful, why  is everything a secret, why do they have to sneak around  the countryside doing their preliminary work, why can’t they communicate with  all of the people within the proposed project Face to Face by knocking on  doors?
Please stop the Armow Wind Project. These  people clearly cannot be trusted!
Scott Thede

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