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The (Stubborn) Myth Of Green Energy Investing

Lou Basenese — Seeking Alpha — December 17, 2012

People can “go green” all they want. After all, America is still the land of the free. But I just don’t recommend that investors do it. And that’s not because I’ve got something against the tree-hugger mentality. I actually consider people’s near-religious passion to improve energy efficiency – and be responsible stewards of our world’s most precious resources – both admirable and noble.

The only problem? Nobility or admirable pursuits don’t automatically translate into profits. Actually, they seldom do. It’s why most noble causes set up shop in these things called non-profit organizations. (Just saying.)

Why bring any of this up, though? Because it’s Myth-Busting Monday, of course. And it’s time to debunk the stubborn myth that just because we should – and in some cases must – go green, that it’s a smart investment, too. In reality, green energy’s a terrible investment. And I can prove it with a single chart.

But I’ll throw in more proof for good measure, just so you don’t complain about me slacking off.

Lies, Damn Lies and Al Gore

The tape never lies. And it’s sending a pretty clear signal. Green doesn’t pay. Not anymore, at least.

Case in point: the BNP Paribas Renewable Energy Index (BNPIREPR).

It tracks the price movement of up to 40 of the largest companies in the world in the renewable energy sector. And it’s down almost 90% from its 2007 peak. Ouch.

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