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Ontario Liberal leadership hopefuls split on green energy policies

Karen Howlett — Globe and Mail — December 18, 2012

Liberal leadership candidates in Ontario emerged from their latest debate sharply divided over Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cornerstone green energy policies.

Kathleen Wynne, a front runner in the race to succeed Mr. McGuinty, was among those who defended a policy designed to replace the province’s emission-spewing, coal-fired electricity plants with cleaner sources of energy and create jobs in a province grappling with a shrinking manufacturing sector.

Ms. Wynne said the seven candidates, all former cabinet ministers in the McGuinty government, would not even be debating the topic if the Liberals had not had the vision to stake the province’s economic future on building a renewable energy sector.

“I acknowledge the concerns and mistakes that may have been made,” Ms. Wynne said at an all-candidates debate in Ottawa on Tuesday evening. “But we took a leap to create a green economy. I don’t think any other party would have done that.”

Gerard Kennedy and Eric Hoskins also said Liberals should be proud of the fact that the McGuinty government is on track to phase out Ontario’s coal-fired plants by 2014, a move they said has gone a long way to clean up the province’s air.

Closing the coal-fired plants – a pledge first made by Mr. McGuinty during the 2003 provincial election campaign – may have been the right idea, said Glen Murray. But he sharply criticized Mr. McGuinty over the execution of the policy and for not consulting with rural communities opposed to having wind turbines in their backyards.

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One Comment on “Ontario Liberal leadership hopefuls split on green energy policies”

  1. Admin December 19, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    There is nothing green about Green Energy and Green Economy, except, perhaps, the colour of money. The proponents go “Green” have by media and other propaganda sold the public a pipe dream: Clean Energy! There is no such thing as a clean energy source; it’s a contradiction in terms, a logical impossibility, a scientific fallacy and a political bromide. Energy, by any definition, creates after effects (no action without an equal and opposite reaction, remember?). The best fiction, that is really a fantasy, is the one calling Nuclear, Clean or Cleanest. It produces an effluent that is lethal of about 250,000 years. Now, that’s clean! Reduce consumption, that’s clean. Wind and solar are crappy, dirty technology that generates unreliable power. Remember the dream of harnessing the tides?

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