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Rural battle facing next Grit leader

Jim Merriam — Toronto Sun — December 28, 2012

In a month we’ll know the identity of the next premier of Ontario.

The governing Liberals will choose a successor to Dalton McGuinty in late January and that individual automatically will become the big cheese.

The new leader may be boss for only a few weeks. He or she will either call an election or be forced by the Opposition in the Legislature to seek a mandate to govern.

The Legislature surely owes us that much after having been inactive since mid-October, a period that will total more than three months when the final leadership vote is cast.

Shuttering the Legislature and resigning were both part of the McGuinty strategy to duck and run to escape negative consequences from the scandals wrought by his government. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the cancellation of two power plants in urban areas to save a couple of Liberal seats during the last election — a cynical political move if ever there was one.

Even though the provincial Liberals continue to show strength in the polls, surely it’s a leap of faith to think the party will win the ensuing spring election.

With a record of scandals, financial mismanagement, chaos in the energy sector and upheaval in our schools, it’s hard to guess why anyone would vote Liberal next time.

With the Grits out of power, long-suffering Ontarians, particularly those in rural areas, might have a chance to get some answers about McGuinty’s most covert hijinks.
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One Comment on “Rural battle facing next Grit leader”

  1. christopher swift (@wyatt99) December 30, 2012 at 5:56 am #

    ‘hard to guess why anyone would vote Liberal next time.’

    Fair enough, but I couldn’t figure it out the last time. Sorry for the gloom, but I’m not optimistic about defeating liberals and their GTA base,

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