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Follow the money in the green business and you’ll see it makes the rich richer and the poor poorer

Contributed by Eric Jelinski

Follow the money in the green business and you’ll see it makes the rich richer and everybody else poorer.  The proof is here in this recent article in the Washington Post and follow-up analysis by various brokers. (see below).



Who do the Liberals and the NDP of Ontario stand for… in whose interests?

You get the answer when you consider the fiasco and the hundreds of millions of costs (as high as almost a billion dollars estimated by some) to the public purse, in order to ‘save seats’.  Money better spent on paying down the debt and deficit, money better spent on teachers, money better spent on fixing the Gardiner Expressway and other highway bridges in need of repairs.  Money spent on Ontario infrastructure would create real jobs instead of chasing the wind and lining the pockets of wind developers for marginal wind generators we do not need.

What is the priority for the provinces top decision makers?  Prorogue parliament to ‘take the time’ to select a ‘leader’ who inherits the McGuinty legacy and then has to make a ‘silk purse out of a pigs ear’?

What are the leaders in waiting doing?  Mr. Hudak, and Ms. Horvath are playing the waiting game as approved by the Lieutenant Governor.

Is this the proper way to run this province?


Al Gore Dumps His Green Shares

By Keith Kohl — Energy and Capital — Friday, December 14th, 2012

Al Gore made $100 million investing in government-backed “green” energy firms…

But now he can’t get out of them fast enough!

And it’s no wonder… We continue to learn about dozens of epic failures from firms like Solyndra, even after these companies gorged themselves on $90 billion of OUR money.

But there are real American energy investments out there turning profits for investors left and right as the country enters a new era of oil and gas production.

Green stocks may have tanked, but Black Gold is as profitable as ever…

Click here to get in on America’s real energy boom.

Good Investing,

Keith Kohl
Editor, Energy and Capital

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