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WCO has some hard questions for the Liberal candidates who are hell bent on avoiding the issue

Jane Wilson — WCO

January 2, 2013

To all candidates for leadership, Liberal Party of Ontario:

As you know, Ontario’s rural communities are feeling alienated and disaffected—one of the key issues is the impact of large-scale wind power generation projects.

Wind Concerns Ontario respectfully requests that each candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal party reply in writing to the following questions. We will post these questions, and responses on our website.

We would welcome your response by January 8, 2013.

·         What is your reaction to the reports of people being made ill by exposure to the environmental noise and infrasound produced by the wind power generation machines? (There are more than 20 documented cases in Kincardine, for example, and the Mayor of Amaranth has also issued a plea for help, among others)

·         More than 90 rural communities have passed a bylaw or other motion/resolution to say they do NOT support wind power generation projects in their area due to the risks of negative impacts on health, property values and the economy (tourism etc). What is your response?

·         Health Canada is reacting to concerns about reports of negative health impacts by launching a study, announced last July. Several Members of Provincial Parliament and Members of Parliament say it is reasonable and prudent to have a moratorium on project approval while the study is ongoing. Would you support a moratorium?

·         What is your opinion on the siting of industrial wind turbines in Important Bird Areas (IBA)? The Ministry of the Environment just approved a project in the “globally significant” bird area of Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County. Would you ban wind turbines in IBAs as recommended by the Ontario Environmental Commissioner?

·         Ontario citizens are reporting problems with noise and infrasound and yet, no action is being taken. Would you take steps to insist that wind power developers are operating in compliance with regulations and, if need be, decommission wind projects that are currently causing serious health problems or damage to the natural environment?


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. It is important for the voters in rural ridings to know where each candidate stands on the issue of industrial wind projects near their homes and what kind of commitment they bring to a renewed Liberal party.

Jane Wilson, RN, president

Wind Concerns Ontario Inc. is a coalition of individuals and community groups concerned about the impact of large-scale wind power generation projects on human and animal health, the environment, and Ontario’s economy.


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