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Groups fighting nuclear energy and advocating industrial wind and solar are not environmentalists!

Rod Adams — Atomic Insights — January 8, 2013

I’m mad as hell and I don’t want to take it any more. Groups that fight any and all use of nuclear energy and also spend time advocating for the increased use of massive, industrial scale energy collectors on undeveloped, virgin land should NEVER be called “environmental groups”. I am not saying that the groups are full of bad people, I am saying that the “environmental” label is contradicted by the facts.

People who care about the natural environment should seek ways of living that use less material and create less of a footprint on that environment. If they still love humanity and love his creations, they should also want to provide sufficient energy to do the work that allows more people to live with a light footprint.

Uranium and thorium are roughly two million times more energy dense than the nearest competitor; they provide the capability of producing a massive quantity of power per unit of material input. Even using our rather primitive 1950s vintage design concepts, a complete nuclear power plant will require between 1/6th and 1/10th as much construction material as a wind installation that can produce the same amount of energy. The routine need for more fuel is limited to a few truckloads every 18-24 months.

Building and operating wind and solar collectors that are far from any human habitation – industrial scale versions of those energy sources are often located in deserts, on mountain tops or in oceans – requires lengthy transmission paths and a continuing transportation burden associated with maintenance and repair.  (To continue reading, click here)

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