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UK — Wind developers hit new low (as if that’s possible) — recruitment of children

Wind farm company targets children to drum up support for more turbines

Simon Johnson — The Telegraph — January 13, 2013

Primary pupils in North Ayrshire were handed plans, seemingly written by a developer, encouraging their parents to back a planning application for an extension to a wind farm in the area.

The letter contained a section for parents’ signatures at the bottom and was addressed to the local council’s planning department.

Critics yesterday expressed their anger at both the developer and SNP-run North Ayrshire council for allowing wind farm “propaganda” in the classroom but the local authority claimed the letters were “directly relevant” to the pupils’ school work.

The move is the most extreme yet of the pressure being exerted by wind farm companies on Scotland’s planning system as Alex Salmond strives to meet his target of generating the equivalent of all Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

It emerged last month that an average of five planning applications a day for wind farms had been lodged with councils since the SNP came to power in May 2007.

The Telegraph has also disclosed how local authorities have come under pressure to alter their planning blueprints to allow more turbines even where officials consider them to have reached “saturation point”.

Struan Stevenson, a Scottish Tory MEP, said: “That this letter has been endorsed and distributed by the council beggars belief.

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