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Jim Wiegand — Ministry of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service

(In response to the removal of a bald eagle’s nest in Fisherville, Ontario to make way for a wind turbine complex.)

In Canada the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is no different than the USFWS. Both agencies have been covering for the wind industry for over 28 years. They have done this by giving the industry absurd “Voluntary guidelines”, there have been no prosecutions or investigations into their slaughter, avoided meaningful studies, and they even hand out PERMITS so this industry can annihilate our wildlife. Bald eagle nest removal is only a small part of all this.

What the public does not understand is that every wind farm located in eagle habitat,
there are the same deadly combination of circumstances, wind currents, prey species, soaring eagles, and huge blades ripping through the air hundreds of feet up. Eagles forage over hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles. For this reason wind farms have a mortality footprint that far exceeds their boundaries.   Eagles will be killed from hitting the blades of these turbines. Many other species will die as well.

Removing the nest will only delay the inevitable. Eagles will die at this wind farm location but in the future when eagles are killed at this site you will not hear about it because of gag orders and high security. There will be no photographs. The wind industry has been conducting business this way since the early days of Altamont. .

The truth is clear about the MNR and the ongoing collusion with the wind industry. Just
look at the response of Ministry of Natural Resources to the dying out whooping
crane population. Over the last several years over 200 have disappeared from this population after thousands of deadly wind turbines were put along their migration route. Yet all they can say are wonderful things about wind turbines.

If they were not covering there would beplenty of media stories and studies to save this endangered species. But there are none as they just sit back and watch this species disappear from the central flyway.
Instead we see the opposite. An agency that is promoting a “Cleaner, Greener
Future” with wind turbines and supporting provincial standards which establish “streamlined the approval process for renewable energy projects.” This is not for wildlife, this is not for eagles, this isnot for the declining whooping cranes………. This is for the wind industry.

There is an obvious collusion between the USFWS, the MNR and the wind industry. They both give their flag waving approval and never say a negative word about this terrible industry. But underneath this facade there is a hidden genocide taking place across the world from wind turbines.

I also want to remind everybody reading this that deductive reasoning is real. That is how we got to the moon. We do not need a confession to know what is going on. It is all too obvious that the silence coming from the USFWS and the MNR is their admission.

Besides destroying nests, there is another very insidious side to wind projects. These spinning turbines not only kill millions of birds, they attract raptors like the bald eagle. Any fallen carcasses around wind turbines can become part of a deadly chain of events. Bald eagles do not just eat fish they also scavenge and even kill geese and ducks. So when dead or crippled birds are lying around these turbines, it will bring eagles. So unlike what the story says about avoidance, eagles will start hanging around eating fallen birds from around the turbines only to be killed themselves by a turbine strike.

I call this the death/death cycle. The industry is well aware of this. After all they have been picking up bodies for decades. But you will never hear a word about it and there is no way to prevent it. This just one more reason why wind energy projects have created ecological sinks for migrating and regional eagle populations.  Which brings up another thing you will not hear from the turbine peddlers, wind energy has been a disaster for eagles.

The noose is tightening on this corrupt industry and their ways have been exposed.

It is now time for these agencies and the politicians to stop pretending. They need take a page from the Lance Armstrong story and admit that there is a very real problem with wind. That it is being falsely promoted as a solution to our energy needs, while helping to destroy our planet.

Jim Wiegand has no affiliations with any business, industry, or groups except Save the Eagles International.   He receives no funding for any of this from any outside source.    His research and articles are his gift to wildlife and an ignorant society.

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One Comment on “Jim Wiegand — Ministry of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service”

  1. Clyde January 17, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Jim – What could be discussed regarding the disruption of the thermals many species of birds require from turbines even turning slowly, or when the air is still and turbines have to be turning as a way to keep certain parts lubed or freed from stresses.

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