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Sign the petition to support a wind turbine moratorium in Ontario


Support a Wind Turbine Moratorium | Ontario PC Party:

 Sign the Petition:
I support Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson’s private members motion which calls for a moratorium on further industrial wind turbine development until a third party health and environmental study has been completed.

The Ontario PC’s provide these reasons to “Support a Wind Turbine Moratorium”

  • FIT subsidies for wind are helping drive the cost of power up in Ontario. In January, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore said wind turbines destroy more jobs than they create and lead to higher energy prices.
  • The Auditor General of Ontario reported in December 2011 that billions of dollars of new wind and solar projects were approved “without many of the usual planning, regulatory, and oversight processes.”
  • We are forced to buy intermittent wind power before other sources of energy, and we are producing surplus power and we’re forced to export it to the United States and Quebec at a loss.
  • The Green Energy Act has stripped municipalities of local decision making powers, pitting neighbours against each other in communities across Ontario.
  • No independent physical, social, economic, health or environmental studies have been done on industrial wind turbines.
  • Ontario’s largest farm organization, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, has called for the suspension of further industrial wind turbine projects until several shortcomings are fixed.

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