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Volunteers wanted to save the Green Energy Act!

Found this on Kijiji.  I’m sure this ad has been placed in newspapers all over T.O.   Interesting again, that people who are not directly affected by these things are the ones who want to keep forcing this agenda on rural Ontario.  If they were out campaigning the candidates to get 500-foot tall industrial wind turbines built all over the GTA, that would be one thing.  But this is an ongoing attack on rural residents. — DQ


Support Green Energy at the Liberal Leadership  Convention this upcoming weekend January 25/26, 2013!

Three years ago the  McGuinty government introduced the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, starting  North America’s green energy revolution. The Act has resulted in 10,000 MW of  newly contracted green power and 20,000 new green jobs. Al Gore has named  Ontario’s Green Energy Act the best climate mitigating legislation in North  America.

It is important that green energy supporters are prominent at  the upcoming Liberal leadership convention so that the next Premier of Ontario  will continue to support green energy. We are seeking volunteers to work with  the Ontario Citizens Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy  (http://www.occcae.org/) to hand out “I Love Green Energy Buttons” and the next  edition of “Green Power Magazine” to delegates as they enter the  convention.

Dates/Times: Friday, Jan 25th, 4- 6 pm (during convention  registration) and Saturday, Jan 26th, 8-10 am (as delegates enter the convention  on voting day).

Place: Old Maple Leaf Gardens, now known as The Mattamy  Athletic Centre, located at 50 Carlton St. Toronto, Ontario M5B  1J2

Anyone wishing to volunteer at this important event should email  thomas at occcae dot org (replace ‘at’ with ‘@’ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’).


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One Comment on “Volunteers wanted to save the Green Energy Act!”

  1. Admin January 23, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    But if you visit the ad, you will boost its number of hits and thereby make it seem more credible.

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