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Asphodel-Norwood Council stands by wind turbine moratorium

Bill Freeman — Northwest EMC — January 17, 2013

 Norwood – With a January 31 public meeting planned on a proposed wind turbine development in the township just west of Hastings, council has “reminded” the province and local residents that it stands by its support of a moratorium on wind energy projects.

Township council has passed at least two wind turbine-related resolutions and discussed the issue on other occasions hoping to pressure the provincial government to commission an independent third party health study and to have it re-think the setback and other development requirements for turbine developers.

Asphodel-Norwood is one of 91 municipalities in Ontario that have passed resolutions regarding wind turbine development and the Green Energy and Economy Act.

The municipality also helped make a Progressive Conservative-initiated petition opposed to wind turbines available to township residents, placing copies in the municipal office and Westwood library. The petition was presented to council in December 2010 by wind turbine opponent Debbie Lynch.

“What we should do is pull copies of the (resolution) out and send it to (MPP Jeff Leal) and the Minister of Environment to let them know this was the stand that we took and we stand by it,” Asphodel-Norwood Mayor Doug Pearcy said.

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