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Wind Opponents Call For Immediate Turbine Moratorium, Resignation of Dr Arlene King, Medical Officer Of Health, and Public Inquiry


In what will surely be the largest and most vocal public display of public outrage in Ontario’s history, anti-wind groups will gather at Allan Gardens at 11:00 a.m. and then join with others to protest the removal of democracy at the Liberal leadership convention at Maple Leaf Gardens (Anti wind groups will begin their protest at Allan Gardens at 11:00 a.m. The Teacher’s Protest begins at 1:00).


Internationally renowned and decorated Toronto Police Officer, Federal Candidate, Chuck Konkel,

Barbara Ashbee, Principal of “Vow To Help,”

Sherri Lange of North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW),

Lorrie Gillis, Chair of Ontario Regional Group Against Wind Turbines,

Mark Davis, Co-Chair of Multi-Municipal Turbine Working Group,

and special appearance by HUXA, the Bald Eagle (thanks to the Watermann family of Norfolk County. As a baby, Huxa was rescued by the Cree following a forest fire, and via a Manitoba Sanctuary ended up a part of the Watermann family. Huxa’s presence at this protest reminds us of the sacrilege being done to Ontario’s rare and endangered species with wind turbines. Ontario has more endangered bird species than any other province in Canada.)

The removal of an eagle’s nest near Fishersville last week prompted outrage around the world. The Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario (MNR) gave permission late Friday December 31st, with the proviso that NextEra complete the removal of the nest by Sunday, overriding the chief monitor of the bald eagle nesting program in southern Ontario who told the MNR that the nest should be left alone and the turbines relocated elsewhere, and leaving no opportunity for objection from anyone else.

This fast track of a removal of a bird nest for a breed that only has 57 nesting pairs known in Ontario is unprecedented and sinister. “We no longer use our respected laws and knowledge to protect Eagles in Ontario,” said Lange of NA-PAW. “Our Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) now expedites for the convenience of the developer and even apparently serendipitously upgrades the status of an historically endangered species, to at risk and now to merely “of concern.” The upgrade appears to many as suspicious. Additionally, the wording of a posting of a comment period regarding the permits for developers contains language that is clearly in favor of paving the road for development, not for protection of species.

The fuse is very short now; people cannot continue to be forced from homes, have livelihoods, homesteads, and legacies squashed as a willfully blind government continues to jam more turbines, transmission lines and substations into rural residential communities, areas of tourism, pristine wildlife habitat and migratory bird paths.   We have no sense that government is working for the best interest of the people. Despite a vacuum in government leadership due to the proroguing of parliament, turbine installations continue to be approved against the will of people across Ontario saying NO to more turbines. “It’s as if the Liberals are conducting their own agenda from behind a wall,” said Lange. “And the significant damage continues without any sign of slowdown or shame.”

“The people of Ontario have had enough of being second to industry in this province. We have, in good faith, delivered all the evidence of harm from wind turbines in an effort to educate and protect our families and our neighbours from our own government’s bad policies,” says Lorrie Gillis, Chair of the Ontario Regional Group Against Wind Turbines, and one of the chief organizers of this protest. “It is well established world-wide that turbines are causing serious adverse health effects. The symptoms are the same: sleeplessness, nausea, dizziness, inability to concentrate, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, tinnitus, to name a few. The common denominator for the symptoms is the same; the start-up of Industrial Wind Turbines in the area. For years, people have followed every avenue offered to tell this Liberal government about harm to their health from turbines, home and community only to be ignored, dismissed and belittled. The new government can choose to put people before policy. They can choose to listen to those who are suffering in homes toxic from turbine emissions rather than to the foreign corporations who continue to deny there is a problem with their product. Bottom line is you can be sure we will do what we have to in order to protect our health and home.”

Gillis and Lange and thousands of others are calling for the immediate resignation of Dr Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario. Documents have been released under a FOI (Freedom of Information) showing that the MOE (Ministry of the Environment) has known about the health complaints for years. But the permitting for more turbines has continued. “We are not sure what term to give this negligence,” says Lange. “Would you call it blind, willful, or criminal?”

Groups across Ontario are demanding that:

Wind turbines that are offending must be removed, democracy must be returned, and an immediate moratorium must be placed on new projects, permitted and planned. Despite obvious and substantiated evidence that the Ministry knew of serious health complaints back to 2006, they continued to permit.

“Even worse,” says Lange, “international commitments to wind power are being somehow linked to Dr. King’s superficial and now antique “literature review” and what we now know to be a health crisis “cover-up.”

The lies concerning Green Promises are egregious. Wind is not green, not environmentally sensible, does NOT provide long term or even net jobs, is absolutely not economically viable, and causes immeasurable harm to wildlife and humans. The proliferation must immediately cease. “Reparation must be made not only to families who have lost everything, but to the wildlife and landscape, that is also scarred. “How many Eagles and species of concern, at risk, endangered, must be lost before common sense returns? How many more families must leave their homes?”

Join the protest at Allan Gardens, which then will move to the Liberal Leadership Convention at Maple Leaf Gardens.

For more information please contact:

Sherri Lange

CEO NA-PAW North American Platform Against Wind Power



Lorrie Gillis

Chair of Ontario Regional Group Against Wind Turbines

Phone: 1-519-922-3072



















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