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European Institute for Climate and Energy Warns Germany’s Feed-In Act “Will Lead Country to Economic Ruin”

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P. Gosselin — February 19, 2013

Countries considering implementing green energy feed-in schemes may want to look at what is going on in Germany.

Few countries have moved as aggressively as Germany in promoting renewable energy. Some tout the German system as a model for the rest of the world.

But in an interview with DIE FREIE WELT, Michael Limburg, Vice President of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), called Germany’s EEG renewable energy feed-in act “ideological and expensive” and warns it threatens to economically ruin the country.

My time is a little short today, and so I’ll present only the main points of the interview.

Limburg on why people are becoming increasingly agitated by Germany’s EEG feed-in act

It’s obviously the new, real experience that the falsely named ‘renewable energies’ are nothing what the politicians promised they would be. Not only are they not free, but they really do burn a hole in your pocket. […] Especially low income households feel the pain. […] The reality is that it’s the state that initiated this expensive mess, and it is now asking the consumer to cough it up. Up to the end of last year, it had already cost € 98 billion euros ($130 billion). That’s 10 times the amount the Federal Department of Transportation is allowed to spend this year for investment and repairs for our roads and highways.”

Limburg’s criticism on photovoltaics and wind turbines

Of all the alternative energies available, these two are the most expensive, the most volatile, and thus the most useless. In Germany we get as much sun as Alaska does. That’s why PV systems here operate at only 8% of their rated capacity in the middle of the year.

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