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Sierra Club’s hypocrisy shines bright

A New Jersey grass-roots revolt on green energy

Paul Mulshine — The Star Ledger — February 24, 2013

I guess that’s why they call themselves the Sierra Club and not the Somerset Hills Club.

That environmental group founded in California clearly doesn’t give a damn about the environment in New Jersey. That’s what I concluded after meeting with the members of a group called the Burnt Mills Preservation Alliance last week.

The meeting was at the Bedminster home of Jeff Bolash. The term “Not In My Backyard” is often used to disparage homeowners like Bolash. But he will wear the NIMBY label proudly if it will help him avoid looking out his back window and seeing“The Somerset Hills Power Plant.”That’s what the group is labeling a proposal they’re fighting that would turn 53 acres of farmland into a solar-energy array to power the Sanofi-Aventis office complex on the other side of Interstate 287.

Calling such a setup a power plant may sound like an exaggeration. But in many ways solar power can be more of a nuisance than conventional power. A gas-fired plant on just one acre could provide more power than this entire array would produce. That would leave 52 acres for nature.

“There are all kinds of animals back there. We’ve got fox, turkey, owls, hawks, blue heron, the occasional bear,” Bolash said. “We never have to call for road kill removal. A fox and a coyote come by every day and eat the dead deer.”

Bolash recalls the days when the land was a working farm and the farmer would block the gravel road to move his cows from pasture to pasture. Those pastures are now covered with cedars stretching for acres to a picturesque tumble-down barn on the horizon.

This is exactly the type of place that environmentalists are supposed to try to preserve. Not the Sierra Club. Not in Jersey. When I wrote about a similar solar projectcovering 45 acres of farm fields next to Mercer County College, Sierra Club officials told me they support such projects in the name of preventing climate change.

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2 Comments on “Sierra Club’s hypocrisy shines bright”

  1. justturnright February 24, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    Yes, the cost of Global Warming “solutions” is much lower, if you make someone ELSE pay it.
    Thanks, Sierra Club!

    Nice catch, DQ…

    • Donna Quixote February 24, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

      By the time we get done with all of the collateral damage, the only thing left on this earth will be people. Yeah, that was worth saving.

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