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(A new topic seems to have appeared among wind industry shills. Comparing the sounds of waves to the infrasound of wind turbines. Watch for this comment to start appearing everywhere as the shills infiltrate the comment sections of all of the newspapers. — DQ)




The document below is a statutory declaration.

Under Australian law, it is equivalent to giving evidence under oath.

If it contains false information, charges of perjury can be laid.

This declaration was sworn before a policeman by Whiteheads Creek resident Ursula James last Thursday.

DunphyIt concerns alleged statements made before a number of people by Infigen Energy employee Laura Dunphy (left).

We have written about Infigen Energy before.

We have also written about the slander of Waubra Foundation CEO Dr Sarah Laurie (see same post).

Infigen Energy is a company with an appalling track record.

It used to be known as Babcock and Brown Wind.

It was at the heart of one of the most shameful periods in Australian corporate history.

They’re not our words but those of leading Fairfax business commentator Ian Verrender.

Babcock and Brown Wind changed its name to Infigen Energy in 2009.

Before its…

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