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Germans are catching on to Global Warming Alarmism

From PowerLine — John Hinderaker — February 23, 2013

In Europe, as in the United States, the climate alarmists’ failed predictions have become an embarrassment. In Germany, warmists have been warning hysterically that Germany and the rest of Central Europe would soon have hardly any winter at all, and little or no snow. Instead, however, winters have been getting colder. P. Gosselin, who translates climate-related papers written in German at No Tricks Zone, writes:

With 11 days remaining, Germany this year is set for its 5th colder-than-normal winter (DJF) in a row (a record), this according to high-profile German meteorologist Dominik Jung….

Jung begins his post with:

Just a few years ago climate experts prophesied that Germany would no longer experience winters with ice and snow in the future. In the 1990s there had been an entire series of milder and stormier winters. […] However, this trend has not been observed over the last years. To the contrary: winters have again gotten considerably colder and the huge storms like those in the 1990s have more or less disappeared. […] Climate experts prophesied in the year 2000 that winters with snow and ice in Germany would cease to exist.

Jung then presents the data for Germany’s last 4 winters and that of the current winter, and compares them to the 1980-2010 mean winter temperature, which was 0.8°C above the 1960-1990 mean.

– 2008/2009: 1.0 °C cooler
– 2009/2010: 2.0 °C cooler
– 2010/2011: 1.3 °C cooler
– 2011/2012: 0.1 °C cooler
– 2012/2013 (so far): 0.4°C. cooler

We should recall that whatever applies for Germany, also applies for much of Central Europe.

(To continue reading and view charts, click here)



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