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Grey County wants wind turbine moratorium

Denis Langlois — Sun Times, Owen Sound — March 5, 2013

Grey County wants the province to slap an immediate moratorium on wind turbine developments in Ontario.
Nine of 13 councillors at Tuesday’s county council meeting supported the call for the indefinite freeze until further studies provide “conclusive” evidence related to the impact of the industrial machines on human health.
The motion, presented by Hanover Deputy-mayor Bob White, was prompted by the findings of a report by local medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn and research assistant Dr. Ian Arra that concluded turbines cause distress among people who live close by.
“What’s the sense of putting all these things up right now, these wind turbines? Let’s face it, there’s hundreds of them in Grey County and they’re going up pretty fast. Let’s take a look to see if there is an adverse condition before we put anymore up,” White said in an interview after the council meeting wrapped up.
“Somewhere down the road, you might say, God, we should have done this a long time ago. By stopping them we could have stopped people from having this sort of condition.”
White said he is not suggesting wind turbines make people ill, but said Lynn’s report should warrant a more thorough examination of the link between turbines and health.
Chatsworth Mayor Bob Pringle at first moved a two-part motion to encourage the “expedient” peer review of Lynn’s study and to request a moratorium.  Continue reading, here….

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