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MPP asks Premier to put an end win energy project | CTV Kitchener News

Click here to watch video:   MPP asks Premier to put an end win energy project | CTV Kitchener News.

It’s a green energy proposal that has torn apart Perth County communities. Invenergy Canada has a contract to build up to 27 wind turbines in North Perth and Perth East.

Now a Perth-Wellington’s MPP is asking the premier to use her power to intervene.

These wind turbines are meant to be a green energy solution as part of the Conestogo Wind Energy project, but concerned residents say they’ll cause more problems.

Doug Hoshel signed a lease with Invenergy, one that he now wishes he never signed.

“I could use my neighbours a lot more than the money.”

Hoshel won’t say how much money he’s gotten for leasing land to Invenergy to put wind turbines on his property.

At the time he thought green energy could only be a good thing, but the original plan for one turbine on his farm – turned into three – within a 25-acre field.

North Perth Councillor Warren Howard says, the municipal council is unanimously against the project, citing land devaluation and health issues.

“When you start getting turbines close together, the noise and the sound waves from one pass off the second and get amplified “

“There’s one going quite close to Elma Central School where the autistic kids have a special program for them, and the moving shadows and objects and noise are a real problem for autistic kids. They don’t care, they’re just charging forward.” says Howard.

There is strong opposition from many living in the area, some have come together to form the Elma-Mornington concerned citizens group.   Continue reading, here….

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