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Shame on you CanWEA! Again, you show your true colours

While CanWEA is quick to disparage legitimate health studies on the effects of wind turbines on people living too close to these things, they will embrace a fluff piece of nonsense out of Australia from Simon Chapman, who theorized that wind turbines don’t cause illness, but rather anti-wind groups cause people to be sick through the power of suggestion.  CanWEA refers to Chapman’s paper as a ‘growing body of research’.

Chapmans’ article is simply an opinion piece.  He did no field research.  Did not speak to any wind victims.  Did not review medical records.   This industry has no shame.

They have recently posted Simon Chapmans article up on their website as if it is a serious research study.  The wind industry has no shame.

CanWEA website

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One Comment on “Shame on you CanWEA! Again, you show your true colours”

  1. BIX March 24, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    “say poop”…….”poop” Here is a hundred bucks!

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