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dripping tap

Just like this, only more expensive and more annoying. And at least this doesn’t make you sick.

From an STT special correspondent

Go to http://windfarmperformance.info and look at the page for March 25,  2013.

Web site author Andrew Miskelly tells us there is 2513 MW of installed capacity from wind farms on the eastern Australian grid. That’s larger than any single conventional coal-fired power station on the eastern Australian grid.

How much electricity did that huge capacity generate during the period between the hours of 1:30 am and 4:00 am on Monday March 25, 2013?

Less than 35 MW.

And the maximum during the day was, briefly, about 350 MW with an average (by eye) for the whole 24-hour period of some 200 MW.

So more than one coal-fired power station had to fill the gap left by wind during this time.

Did I hear someone say: “Pathetic!”? Did I…

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