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Wind power is all about subsidies not green energy

Letter to Editor — EMC Belleville — March 28, 2013

I would like to provide an explanation to those of you who question the anti-wind turbine opposition movement in Ontario. Having been involved in the fight to stop around 37 industrial wind turbines (each 156 meters/515 feet high) on Amherst Island, west of Kingston, for the last few years, I have gained considerable insight into the issues.

First, the surge of industrial wind power development in Ontario isn’t really about fighting climate change. As usual, it is about money subsidies. The multitude of wind companies developing industrial wind facilities around the Great Lakes are not operated by idealistic entrepreneurs but by giant corporations. The wind lobby is very powerful and there are huge profits to be made.

Put these interests together with politicians who pursue agendas that are not well considered (and not fiscally enlightened) and we have a “wind rush.”

Unfortunately for us, our politicians have put the cart before the horse in the case of renewable energy in Ontario and we will all pay for it as huge increases in our electricity bills. Consider this: Ontario has an aging grid and no storage system for surplus power.

Since the development of renewables we often produce more power than we can use and we pay millions of dollars to other jurisdictions to take it. In fact, the latest plan is to shut down wind turbines in times of this surplus, while wind companies will still be compensated for losses (as, I believe, nuclear plants that partially shut down already are). More and more wind and solar are coming online as energy-hungry industry is leaving Ontario because of high electricity costs. Pretty soon, perhaps, farmers will be paid not to install wind turbinesor solar panels.

I rather think our energy policy needs an overhaul.

Besides the costs, a multitude of issues surround the construction and operation of these industrial facilities which are to be located in rural areas and particularly the rich (and internationally recognized) wildlife habitat that surrounds the Great Lakes.

The Green Energy Act has enabled regulatory changes that have removed many basic rights and protections, not only for human health and quality of life but also for the environment and for avian populations in particular. This regulatory “free ride,” combined with a supportive bureaucracy (and a strangely quiet media) means Big Wind only has to pay lip service to the many serious concerns opponents have raised.

It’s no surprise that a wind “farm” in Ontario has never been refused, because the appeal process is also a farce. The democratic process is in question here and our politicians are not acting honourably.

So, please do not deride those who question the development of these mega-structures. The implications for people and wildlife that are directly affected by them are far-reaching. But they will affect you too. Besides health and noise issues, there are concerns over location of airports, sterilization of agricultural land, vista destruction, fire threat, removal of derelict turbines (once the subsidies run out), etc, etc.

Please visit and < http://ontario-wind-resistance.org>for more insights.

Celia R. Papertzian


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One Comment on “Wind power is all about subsidies not green energy”

  1. Admin March 28, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

    Not mention the term, Green Energy, is a contradiction in terms: the generation of energy must obey the laws of thermodynamics and thus is LESS “green” than a weed. The term is metaphoric, intended to convey the notion of green is clean. But no energy generation is clean, not even nuclear which produces a lethal effluent that takes 250,000 years to decay.

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