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UK — The £9million bonus bonanza dished out to green energy bureaucrats

(Editor’s Note:  Well this certainly answers a lot of questions.  I wonder if such bonuses are paid out in Ontario? — DQ)
Daniel Martin — Daily Mail — March 30, 2013
  • In 2011/12  £9,072,483 was spent on bonuses and other payments
  • One official received £12,000, while others got £7,000 plus
  • This is a 156% increase on the bonuses given in Labour’s last year
  • Priti Patel asked a series of parliamentary questions to reveal the figures

Bureaucrats in charge of the Government’s controversial green policies have benefited from a multi-million-pound bonus bonanza since the last election.

The total amount of performance-related handouts given to civil servants at the Department for Energy and Climate Change has almost tripled since Labour’s final year in office to £9million.

One official received a bonus of £12,000, while others received payments of more than £7,000, to reward them for their work promoting renewable power such as wind farms.

Last night MPs lambasted the department for handing out so much at a time when consumers’ energy bills were going up as a result of the very green policies they are working on.

Last year, the DECC admitted that its green policies – which will fund a new generation of wind farms and nuclear reactors – will add an average of £95 to gas and electricity bills.  Continue reading, here….


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