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Group wants climate change warning labels on gas nozzles. The lunacy continues.

Group concerned about climate change proposes warning labels for gas nozzles

Victor Ferreira — Ottawa Citizen — April 4, 2013

An environmental group focused on the dangers of climate change is lobbying for Canadian municipalities to pass bylaws that would require warning labels on gas station pump nozzles.

Lawyer Robert Shirkey says the warning labels on the nozzles would be similar to those found on cigarette packages and would act to warn users of the negative effects of fossil fuels.

“The future of the planet is literally in the palm of your hand (when you pick up the nozzle),” Shirkey, founder of Our Horizon, told an audience Thursday at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto.

“A lot of people won’t like seeing them but the placement is important because it speaks to diffusion of responsibility,” he said. “Collectively, we’re endangering the planet.”

The labels state that demand for fuel products may harm wildlife, damage ecosystems, cause drought and famine, cause anxiety and depression in children, and put 30 per cent of species at risk of extinction.

Pictures of at-risk arctic caribou, starving families in Africa, and a sad child looking at his own reflection accompany the warnings.

“Imagine if we see these labels every time, how long will it be before we demand more from government institutions,” said Shirkey.  Continue reading, here…..


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