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Life next to a wind factory under construction

Posted in the Kingston Whig comment section.  A great perspective on living near the construction of a wind facility


You don’t understand why anyone would be against these things? Really, you need to for one moment, go to the computer and click onto a “draft site plan” for a project try next terror, er next era for one.

Now read through the 2000 or so pages, but while you read it pretend for the time that your families house sits on one of these roads, that will be getting say 16 turbines on all sides of your home. never mind the other 82 that will also be around you, but focus just on your home.

As you read the numerous topics here just picking out a few like these companies will be drilling into the fields around you just 550m or less away from you into the shale that is beneath your lands that help provide your well water stay full and clean. they drill and can damage surrounding homes water supplies, but don’t worry its “highly localized”. (this mean you and the other 35 homes near their drill site). Its a term they use a lot in their plans. Its like saying a guy got shot out of a crowd, doesn’t matter much unless your that guy I guess.

You can be happy your quiet road will now have a barrage of umpteen transports, trucks, cranes that will be flying by your house for up to a year plus cuz by then phase 2 and 3 will be added on. no need to be outside as the dirt will be so thick you wont ever be outside to enjoy anything, and the kids can just stay in the house. Don’t worry about all that dirt in your furnace or air conditioning unit you just got. maybe a window could be cracked at 4 am to breath in all the fumes and dust still in the air. and you’ll need a good pressure washer, if your water still works to wash off your car for work in the morning.

But good news is you’ll save on cutting that grass, no need to as its looking like the road, and theres no point, your not outside anyways to see it.

Then you get the perks of the foreign companies taking your right of ways to host their massive 100′ poles for their transmission lines. they’ll blend in just fine with the other 30′ hydro poles just a few more on your land. And no worry though, they ground every few or so, chances are pretty good you wont get stray voltage on at least one of those poles, just keep the kids from playing around the one you think looks kind of shifty.

With the poles comes your buggered up TV, radio, satellite, phone reception, again….”highly localized” it might just be only you complaining so its fine, who needs a phone in the country? the fire stations a good 8mins away, and the town police about 10.

And you can read on that they’ve done all their wonderful field studies, yes this involves a few college kids walking in a field, or bird studies by pulling over to the side of a road by a few houses to see if they can spot a sparrow or not. You can rest easy that they had the best of the best looking out for your wildlife for sure, it says so, so it must be true.

Then you can find your receptor number (if they remembered your home is actually there, they tend to miss a few homes now and then, must be a computer glitch from the high rise in another country)
If you find they managed to remember that your a taxpaying local, you can go look at the shadow flicker report. It will tell you how many hours every day your home will strobe for. (if you let the kids flick the lights on and off for a few hours and it doesn’t bug you, you’ll be just fine) if not, “its highly localized” anyways, and its complimentary.

These companies don’t really have to worry if your home looks like a disco, they threw this little map in for good measure because they care to show you how your neighbors turbine will tower over your home. Because your going to need a reminder of how close you once were.

Then go find your receptor in the noise study ( this never really happened, I mean an actual “study” as its just done on a computer and its all cookie cutter anyways) so what if your lands higher or has forests on either side to catch the coning from the sound, no worry its also “highly localized” if your worried about the 16 turbines around you less then 2km, it wont exceed the 40dcb limit sound decibels too much.40, 85dcb, who’s counting. well good thing no one will monitor it anyways they don’t have people to do that so your just going to have to deal with it.

And never fear the farmer hosting these machines will likely be really happy as they don’t reside anywhere near their turbines. Nope their going to be at their home farm that they didn’t sign a lease for, just the land by all you and your neighbors.

Besides the sound varies from a swoosh, to a thump, or a jet engine that never leaves, mostly at nite so it will drown out that dripping sink sound and you can catch up on all those little things you never had time for when your up all nite. its a good thing. Hey no one ever died from shadow flicker and annoying sounds, it just grates on your nerves but you’ll adjust or move either or….

And after a few years of construction you and the kids can sit out and watch the birds flopping around under the turbines as their nice and close you get a front row seat. Then you can kick your feet back around your fire pit and watch all the red stars or beacons flashing as you roast your marshmallows listening to the jet engine sounds instead of those frogs that were bulldozed over.

You can thank the government for your lowered property value on a house that no one wants, the Ontario you Fiberal government sold out, now owned by china, Germany, Florida and many foreign others for the next 50yrs and the dense population of industrial monsters plastered in every corner possible. Then you can thanks them for the exuberantly high priced food you now have to ship in overseas as your prime agricultures a thing of the past and you pay for it either way.You can thank them for the sky rocketed energy bills that will be left for your children to pay off, and all the other crap I didn’t even touch base on, but don’t worry “its highly localized” .

(Posted with permission of the author)

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