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The Big Green Killing Machine — Climate alarmism has killed millions of people across the globe and continues to do so every year

(Editor’s Note:  If you read only ONE opinion piece, today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, this should be the one.   Stay with it to the end.  Pointman shines.  — DQ)

Optimism, Blogging, and the Big Green Killing Machine

Pointman — April 5, 2013


…  Before kicking around the question of my optimism, I have to mention a decision I made up front about this blog which has a bearing on this area. Because climate alarmism is a global phenomenon, I decided not to base the commentary in this blog solely from the viewpoint of the country I happened to have ended up in. I was born in a different country anyway. One of the main purposes of this blog is to identify and analyse global trends, but such trends obviously cannot be happening at the same pace or have reached the same stage in all countries.

Public sentiment can change very quickly. For instance, within the space of a year, the average German has gone from being arguably the biggest European believer in the green dream, to the most bitterly disenchanted. The idea of a number one best-selling book by a climate skeptic, would have been unbelievable not so long ago. What’s key is that while most countries of the developed world are at different points on that journey, they are all travelling on that same road, albeit at different rates.

On the charge of being an optimist, I’d have to put my hand up and say yes. Guilty as charged, M’Lud. Given any subject, one can be optimistic, pessimistic or neutral but on balance, I’d say I lean to the optimistic side on the majority of things, most notably in some areas where most people don’t commonly hold out much hope for any positive developments.

I’m an optimist for a number of reasons but before justifying why I am, I’d like to run over the reasons why I think being overly pessimistic is a worse way to view the world. More than anything, they justify my optimism.

Being pessimistic about most things is too easy a cop-out. It’s so often an excuse to sit on the sidelines carping away and doing absolutely nothing. At its best, it’s nothing more than the occidental version of eastern fatalism, and at its worst, a form of lazy cowardice.

If you don’t try, you’ll never run the risk of losing, or getting hurt. Well, newsflash, life is always about some measure of risk, and there’s simply no way of avoiding that reality. It’s not a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained, but rather by refusing to venture anything, there’s never any hope of ever gaining a damn thing. You’ll always be going backwards.

It’ll never topple that dictator, get bad policy reversed, an unfair law repealed, free an unjustly convicted person or simply lift that sports trophy, which will forever mean something to you and only you and your teammates who gave everything you had to win it. That’s the real trophy, not the piece of silvery covered plastic sitting on your book shelf. Once you decide the fight is lost, it’s not even worth taking the field against them, then they’ve won. You should be so much better than that. It often masquerades as realism, but to mind, it’s just passively accepting the status quo. When Darwin subtitled the Origin of Species as the Struggle for Existence, he was right on the damn money.  ….

….  Climate alarmism has killed millions of people across the globe and continues to do so every year, every month and every day but because it’s a slow motion genocide happening to faceless individuals living undocumented lives in hellholes on the other side of the world, the whole thing is invisible.

This brutal winter, and rampant fuel poverty in Europe driven by nothing more than greed and the stealth taxes of green energy policies, has brought the killing fields a measure closer to home. That particular type of killing I’d never foreseen nor expected to happen on our own doorstep but monsters have a habit of growing. …   Read the entire article here

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