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The taint that exists among wind industry academia


wind fraud

When a researcher wants to find out about wind turbine syndrome, you would expect them to ask people living next to turbines, and measure what they are exposed to.

Simple, right? Get out into the field and make your own investigations.

Renowned acoustician Dr Bob Thorne has done that at numerous wind developments across Victoria.

Bob found people’s health seriously impacted.

Associate Professor Con Doolan from the University of Adelaide did the same at Waterloo.

He found the “annoyance” symptoms correlated DIRECTLY with low frequency noise, at specific levels, which the residents said was coming from the wind turbines.

Con couldn’t verify it came from the turbines because TRUenergy would not cooperate with turning the turbines off for comparative measuresment.  But locals certainly know the difference between wind in the trees, wind turbines, and noise from a fridge.

Dr  Campbell Gemmell (CEO of the SA EPA) said during and after a meeting with Waterloo…

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