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Britain — £250,000 wasted on failed wind farm project on Pitcairn Island

Hayley Dixon — The Telegraph — April 8, 2013

The £1.7million scheme on the Pitcairn Islands’ was aborted after Australian contractors took the money but failed to build any turbines.

By the time it was cancelled the plans for the tiny island, made famous by the Mutiny on the Bounty, had already slipped three years behind schedule and the predicted costs had doubled.

In a report the Department for International Development (DfID) admitted that they failed to “rigorously manage” the green energy plans.

Pitcairn Island – a two-mile long rocky outcrop in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – is most famous as the refuge of the mutineers from HMAV Bounty.

The sailors settled there in 1790 to escape the death penalty and many of the residents can trace their heritage back to the mutinous crew.

It is one of the least populous jurisdictions in the world and relies on British aid for much of its income, receiving around £2.4million a year from taxpayers – more than £43,000 per person.

DfID spent £265,213 on the wind farm project, which began in September 2006 with contractors engaged the following year, and its website now classes the project as “complete”.

The cost included chartering a ship to take equipment to the islands, a move which later had to be cancelled as the shipment was not ready, the Daily Mail reported.

Eventually officials abandoned the scheme – which would have cost the equivalent of £31,000 per head.  Continue reading, here…..

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