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Wainfleet — Council passes resolution to pass on to province

Dave Johnson — The Tribune — April 9, 2013

WAINFLEET – The township isn’t willing to host industrial wind turbines and is ready to the tell government ministries, ministers and the premier.

Ald. Betty Konc put forward a resolution to send a letter off to officials during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The township will be following in the steps of the municipality of Grey Highlands, which has declared itself an “unwilling host” for wind turbines.

Konc said the decision came for her at the end of a meeting last week in the township with municipal leaders from across Ontario. The group, called Once Voice, came out of a wind symposium held earlier this year in Wainfleet.

“We noticed Premier (Kathleen) Wynne has commented many times about turbines not being put in municipalities that are unwilling hosts,” Konc said near the end of the meeting.

She also said Wynne has spoken about policy changes in the Green Energy Act, which governs projects like wind turbines.

Kon’s resolution passed unanimously.

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One Comment on “Wainfleet — Council passes resolution to pass on to province”

  1. Bruce Switzer April 18, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    It is truly wonderful to see municipalities that are willing to take a stand against the rediculous policies of the current Ontario government. What ever happened to democracy in Ontario?

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