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The Mess Ontario’s Liberal Government Has Made Of Advancing The Cause Of Green Energy

Tip of the hat to The Big Green Lie

Doug Draper — Niagara at Large — April 17, 2013

Dalton McGuinty may be gone, but the ghost of his arrogance and lack of care for the concerns of ordinary continues to haunt us around trying to build a less costly, environmentally friendly energy future.

McGuinty, in league with his senior cabinet minister, including St. Cathairines MPP Jim Bradley, openly supported a Green Energy Plan that wiped out many of the opportunities local municipalities and their residents have to question a proposal for a major industrial project in their community. By doing this, McGuinty, Bradley (who was, more than a year ago, appointed environment minister by McGuinty) and company have possibly turned many who might otherwise support wind, solar and other green energy projects against them.

Indeed, there is a school of thought among at least some political pundits working for The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and other mainstream  media outlets in Ontario that McGuinty and his government lost enough votes in rural municipalities in the last, 2011 provincial election to cost the Liberals a third majority government. … And a significant percentage of loss of rural votes had to do with McGuinty and company wanting to plant wind turbines and other green energy facilities near their backyards without giving them much or any say in the matter.

If McGuinty thought that this kind of a dictatorial approach, that defies all the principles of home rule for communities, was going to help the cause of converting to green energy in Ontario, it has had quite the opposite effect. It has caused such a public backlash that it many have possible turned back the green energy movement in Ontario for decades to come.  Continue reading, here for the rest of the article and follow up posts by Wellandpport resident, Catherine Mitchell and Niagara Regional government.  

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