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Will Wynne have the political courage to admit the Green Energy Act is an unmitigated disaster for Ontario?

Lorrie Goldstein — QMI Agency — May 19, 2013

Will Premier Kathleen Wynne have the political courage to admit the painfully obvious fact that Dalton McGuinty’s experiment with green energy has been an unmitigated disaster for Ontario?

After all, without personally blaming the former premier, Wynne finally apologized last week for the Liberals’ disastrous political decision to cancel two gas-fired electricity plants — at a cost to the public of $585 million that we know of — to save a few Liberal seats in the last election.

This scandal is the direct result of McGuinty’s green energy plan to replace coal-fired electricity with natural gas, which was fine in and of itself, until the Liberals started playing politics with it and ended up burning through over half-a-billion dollars of public money to buy elections in a handful of ridings.

During her testimony before the legislative committee investigating the plant cancellations — and in her recent mea culpa on TVOntario with Steve Paikin — Wynne repeatedly emphasized how the Liberals had erred in not consulting with Oakville and Mississauga residents on the location of the gas-fired electricity plants.

And yet the reality is that what went on in Oakville and Mississauga — before the Liberals flip-flopped for crass partisan reasons — is nothing compared to what happened in rural communities across Ontario, where the Liberals literally rammed industrial wind turbines down the throats of protesting citizens.

Not only did McGuinty arrogantly dismiss these people as “NIMBYS”, his Green Energy Act took away the right of their municipal councils to have any say on the location of the wind turbines planned for their communities.

If Wynne believes it would have been the right thing to do to consult with the residents of Oakville and Mississauga about the gas plants at every step of the process, why hasn’t she paid more than lip service for doing the same with people across the province besieged by industrial wind factories?

Particularly because industrial wind factories haven’t just been a social disaster but a financial one as well, dwarfing even the huge economic damage caused by the Liberal decision to cancel the gas plants.

As noted above, that has cost us $585 million, so far.

But then-auditor general Jim McCarter concluded in his annual report in December, 2011, that the Liberals’ flawed implementation of their renewable energy plan will add billions of dollars to the costs faced by Ontarians, both as taxpayers and electricity consumers, for generations to come.

And it’s only getting worse.  Continue reading, here…..

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One Comment on “Will Wynne have the political courage to admit the Green Energy Act is an unmitigated disaster for Ontario?”

  1. BIX May 20, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    A politician, especially Wynne, with courage? …..surely you jest

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