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How young minds are being “poisoned” by Green Activists!

The Big Green Lie

Older folks, like the ones who make up most of the intelligence of the World today, KNOW what reality is from fiction when it comes to false claims and outright lies being spouted by the likes of Suzuki, Gore and McKibben, among many others who have “elevated” themselves above the unwashed and unclean humans of the world.

These false prophets are targeting the young minds of today’s colleges and universities in trying to feed their evil and destructive messages that the World has gone to Hell in a bread basket because of human consumption and WE crazed consumers should all give up their idyllic lifestyles and move back into a hunter and gatherer society that won’t produce C02, even though that means we all live in a cave and cook our food over candles!!!

Young minds are ripe for the picking and without any questioning of authority we are seeing…

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