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Bet you didn’t think it was possible, BUT — Gas-plant tale gets worse

Chris Vander Doelen — The Windsor Star — May 28, 2013

Sometimes government waste is so bad, you have to just turn away rather than be physically ill. That must be the strategy the Ontario government is counting on to make us forget their gas plants scandal.

The power scandals, in case you haven’t been keeping track, are the third-and fourth-largest waste bombs blotting the records of the previous and current Liberal premiers, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne.

Until now the two worst Ontario financial outrages have been eHealth and ORNGE, which burned more than $1 billion each. That’s about $142 wasted for every one of Ontario’s seven million taxpayers, times two.

But be warned: the cancellation of two power generating plants in Mississauga and Oakville will together end up costing taxpayers more than either of the government’s earlier boondoggles.

So we have three – or four, depending on how you count them – spectacular displays of government incompetence. Although how the Liberals keep getting away with describing what they do as “mistakes” (McGuinty’s word) when their friends keep profiting is beyond me.

Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter’s report on the sequence of events that led up to the second cancellation in the middle of the 2011 election makes for depressing reading.

No wonder Ontario is bleeding jobs and sinks deeper into debt every day: could these clowns even run a paper route?

We’ve been led to believe that as taxpayers we owed Ontario’s Eastern Power Ltd., the developers of the cancelled Mississauga plant, every penny of the $290 million we’ve already paid up front after McGuinty unilaterally broke their contract. Fair’s fair, right?

But the auditor general suggests that Eastern Power perhaps should not have been awarded any contract in the first place, given their track record.

Eastern doesn’t have a stellar record in power generation. The two little methane-powered plants it has built on closed landfill sites have had problems.

Eastern had been tied up in litigation over one of the plants for 13 years, and it kept losing in court.  The company’s poor financial record and spotty operations were both problematic, the AG says.  Continue reading, here…..

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