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“What part of ‘Not a Willing Host’ do you not understand?”

From Wainfleet Wind Action Group

Posted on June 3, 2013 by

Pettapiece asks Wynne if she understands the concept of, not a willing host:

(Queen’s Park) – Standing up for his constituents, Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece today [May09] delivered a blistering attack on the Liberal government’s energy policies driving the industrial wind turbine project proposed for North Perth.

“When will you stop trampling the overwhelming will of our communities and declare a moratorium [on new wind turbine projects]? And what part of ‘not a willing host’ do you not understand?” said Pettapiece to Premier Kathleen Wynne. Opposition MPPs stood to applaud.

Pettapiece referred to resolutions passed by municipalities in Perth-Wellington and beyond. Those resolutions specifically state they are “not a willing host” for industrial wind turbines. The resolutions pick up on the Liberals’ throne speech, which suddenly recognized the need for “willing hosts.”

In the first part of his question, Pettapiece followed up on the package that he hand-delivered to Premier Wynne more than two months ago on behalf of the Municipality of North Perth. He has yet to receive a response. Pettapiece asked if the premier would explain the clear position taken by the Municipality of North Perth, and asked whether she would respect their will.

Either unwilling or unable to respond, the premier passed the question to energy minister Bob Chiarelli. Not receiving an answer, Pettapiece accused the premier of showing no more respect to his constituents than the Liberals did in the gas plant scandal. In response, Chiarelli called for “leadership” from the opposition, accusing them of asking the government to “unilaterally cancel a contract.”

But that just isn’t true, Pettapiece said. “The minister’s answer was insulting,” he said. “It shows he has given no thought to the project proposed for North Perth, and isn’t even aware of its status. He should know there is no Renewable Energy Approval (REA) at this point, and there is still time for the government to stop the project. “If companies with FIT contracts are guaranteed REA approvals, then the whole process is a farce.”

Randy Pettapiece, MPP | 519-272-0660 |Pettapiece.ca


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